Cihan Yilmaz

Corporate Researcher

Directed assembly of nanoparticles and carbon nanotubes, 3-D CMOS interconnects, 3-D nanostructures and their surface enhanced Raman scattering performance, Li-Ion microbatteries and Nanobiosensors.


  • Electric Field Directed Assembly of Nanoparticles: Understanding of the assembly mechanism, fabrication of 3-D nanostructures for the use of next generation (<30nm) CMOS interconnect technology and high performance plasmonic nanosensors, precise assembly of bio-functionalized nanoparticles for small, highly sensitive nanobiosensors.
  • Electric Field Directed Assembly of Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes (SWCNTs): Precise assembly of SWNTs onto device surface to develop CNT-based CMOS interconnects and field effect transistors.