Regulatory & Ethical Issues

Technological revolutions produce predictable and less predictable consequences for society at large. Developments in nanotechnology and nanomanufacturing are likely happen more rapidly and across more sectors than can be reasonably anticipated by government institutions. As a result, key federal, state and local policies and regulations may lag or be inadequate.

CHN researchers are keenly aware of the challenge of balancing technological innovation and economic development with the protection of public health and the environment. One way we explore these issues is through our partnership with researchers affiliated with the Nanotechnology and Society Research Group (NSRG). This group is dedicated to the study of the societal dimensions of nanotechnology research, development, application, and commercialization. Comprised of research faculty at Northeastern University and the University of Massachusetts-Lowell, this multidisciplinary group also serves as a partner with the Boston Museum of Science on an array of related outreach and education activities.