Nano Processing

mcgruer_152In order to make commercially viable products, nanomanufacturing will require specialized equipment, systems and processes.  High-rate refers to making things quickly and efficiently.

The CHN carries out research on many of the steps that are part of the product assembly process.

The first involves the development of templates to be used as tooling for an economically realistic production process. Our processes are designed to allow companies to assemble nano-building blocks over large areas in high-rate, scaleable, commercially viable processes. The center is also working on the synthesis of singlewall nanotubes with the desired size, functionality, and solubility for high-rate manufacturing. Chemical guides are being developed for self-alignment and registration.

The second component of our research involves the vital issues of reliability and failure. CHN is addressing three related functions: preventing failure, removing defects, and developing fault tolerance and self-repair. Among the challenges the center faces are selectively removing impurities and being able to clean nanostructures without destroying them. CHN researchers have also designed and fabricated innovative MEMs based devices that can characterize nanowires, nanotubes, nanorods, and nanofibers.