Applications & Products


NSF Nanoscale Science and Engineering Center for High-rate Nanomanufacturings and Applications Roadmap (click for PDF)

To demonstrate the commercial application and usefulness of the nanotemplates, as well as the wide range of possible products, CHN is developing sensors and other practical devices. In developing these products, the CHN works closely with partner companies, a step that is vital to manufacturing success and product realization.

One product is a carbon nanotube-based memory chip, a nonvolatile memory device with extremely higher density than silicon chips. Currently, carbon nanotube (CNT) switches must made from belts of nanotubes. Manufacture via our template will allow the fabrication of a single CNT electromechanical switch. The center’s partner in this endeavor is Nantero, the first company to manufacture CNT computer memory chips.

Another testbed is a biosensor for rapid (under five minutes) detection of antibody molecules, requiring only a small sample. The nanotemplate, a functionalized nanopatterned polymer surface, would create a sensor that would bind with specific amino acid sequences, allowing for detection of the presence of these molecules.