NanoOPS System Makes Inroads into Nanoscale Electronics Manufacturing

| June 2, 2014


The magazine Printed Electronics Now reports on the Nanoscale Offset Printing System (NanoOPS) developed by the Center for High-rate Nanomanufacturing.

The NanoOPS system can use a wide variety of functional nanomaterials at very low facilities and operational cost, which could spur innovation by overcoming the high cost entry barrier to the fabrication of high-end printed device. [W.L. Smith Professor and Director Ahmed Busnaina] said that while the flexible Damascene templates can be used in a roll-to-roll printing system, NanoOPS utilizes a batch process to be able to apply nanoscale registration and alignment.

“The vision is to ‘democratize’ nanomanufacturing, making it more broadly accessible to industry and entrepreneurs and unleashing a wave of creativity for nano-enabled product innovation – analogous to what the advent of the personal computer did for computing,” Busnaina said.


“The printed electronic market is close to $50 billion this year, and is projected to reach $250 billion in 10 years,” Busnaina added. “This is based on current electronic printing capability. However, if printing can be used to print high-end electronic devices at the same price but orders of magnitude faster, we think that the market will become many times larger in the near future. NanoOPS has been shown to be capable of being orders of magnitude faster with higher resolution than current inkjet-based electronic printing and 3D printing.”

Read the full article at Printed Electronics Now.

A demonstration of the new tool and manufacturing system will be held in Burlington, Mass, on September 17.  The program will be begin at 10:30 am, and includes an afternoon symposium with leaders from industry and public agencies. To register, please call Matt at 617-373-6012, or click this link:

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