Corporate Partnerships

The CHN’s Industrial Partners Program allows businesses to play an important role in the research, education, technology transfer, and innovation goals of the center.  This includes creating and demonstrating the scientific and technological feasibility of innovative methodologies and systems governing nanomanufacturing, assisting in the transfer of research discoveries and observations from university to industry and vice versa, and developing an interdisciplinary education program.

In return for their dues, Partners and Members enjoy:

  • Access to faculty experts and their knowledge base
  • Access to intellectual property at free or discounted rates
  • The ability to directly sponsor research
  • Discounts on access to research equipment and testbed facilities
  • Facilitation of and/or participation in joint proposal opportunities
  • Access to the next generation of leaders
  • Opportunities to hire recent graduates and alumni
  • Opportunities for undergraduate and graduate coops (six-month internships)
  • Free or discounted access to short courses, workshops, meetings and conferences.

Strategic Partners and Corporate Partners enjoy additional benefits.

  • Royalty-free research licenses for the use of CHN technologies for internal, non-commercial purposes and priority access to multiple patents.
  • Access to non-proprietary information.
  • A seat on the CHN Industrial Advisory Board (IAB)

For information on becoming a corporate partner, please contact Mr. Eric Howard, Corporate & Outreach Manager, at 617-373-3294 or

A PDF version of our Industrial Partnership Agreement

Note that Matching funds for research collaborations are available in 2013, and Small businesses (less than 20 employees) who wish to be Affiliate members are given a $5,000 discount at this level.