Discovering new applications for nanotechnology is one of the major reasons that the CHN fosters close ties with businesses and government agencies. 

CHN links its academic researchers to leaders in other sectors, thereby fostering technology transfer and innovation.  The Center has formal and informal working relationships with over 100 businesses in New England and around the world.  It develops joint proposals with industrial partners, hosts workshops, and shares its intellectual property. Government (both state and federal), industry, and academics all benefit from this collaboration.

CHN researchers work together with industry through an Advisory Board to identify new applications based on the intersection of our skills, industry’s requirements and consumer needs. Industry offers valuable insights regarding products involving nanotechnology. Companies can also provide investments for specific research projects or product application ideas.

We have space specifically designed to conduct research with our industrial partners.Via Northeastern, corporate R&D experts have access to state-of-the-art facilities in Boston and in Burlington – the George J. Kostas Nanoscale Technology and Manufacturing Research Center in Boston and the NanoOPS Research Lab at the Kostas Research Institute in Burlington. The sites have a comprehensive slate of up-to-date equipment for fabrication, imaging, and testing. The Institute provides a high-trust environment to bring together academia, industry, and government researchers and practitioners to advance resilience in the face of 21st century risks. 

Because of its focus on working closely with industry, and its ability to tailor research toward particular outcomes, CHN has the ability to speed the process from research to product development.

  1. Corporate Partners and Access to our Intellectual Property
  2. Collaborative Research and Creating New Intellectual Property
  3. Searchable Database of Selected University-wide Patents
  4. A PDF version of our Industrial Partnership Agreement

Contact Eric Howard, Corporate & Outreach Manager at 617-373-3294 or click here to request information about how CHN can help your business succeed in nanotechnology research and development.