GEOSET – Science videos and presentations from leading universities and institutions

| May 20, 2014

Sir Harold Kroto, who recently visited Northeastern University and the Center for High-rate Nanomanufacturing, provides us with information about GEOSET, a valuable resource of teaching modules and educational resources for science and engineering.

The Global Educational Outreach for Science Engineering and Technology (GEOSET) initiative uses new IT technology to provide imaginative teaching material in modules focused relatively tightly on specific topics. It is a highly flexible medium enabling a wide range of different educational approaches to be explored and it is particularly useful for SET/STEAM teachers who will find valuable downloadable teaching resource material created by innovative science and technology experts and educators. The material has been created by faculty and students in universities as well as by high schools, thus guaranteeing a measure of reliability. The wonderful bonus of GEOSET recordings is that they provide revolutionary additions to the students’ resumes as they improve immeasurably success in gaining jobs, scholarships, awards and postdocs. The key aim of GEOSET is the the creation of a global network of participating sites catering to the local and global need for much improved SET/STEAM education. Each institution sets up its own streaming node and uploads URLs with associated information to the searchable GEOSET gateway Here is a small set of representative URLs extracted from the rather more extensive representative list in the section below:

  1. Undergrad Dan Stribling (FSU) – What is Light?
  2. Postgrad Kerry Gilmore (FSU) – Building Bridges with Organic Chemistry
  3. Postgrad Jess Higgins (Sussex) – Organometallic Uranium Chemistry
  4. Project Module Jon Hare (Sussex Education Specialist) Longboard Part 1 – Speedometer
  5. School Experiment Module Steve Acquah (FSU Professor) – Secret Science: Invisible Ink
  6. Teaching Module Colin Byfleet (FSU Professor) – Logarithms – The Amazing Mr Briggs of Halifax
  7. High School Students UK (King’s School Canterbury; Teacher Christina Astin) – Olber’s Paradox: Why is the Sky Dark at Night?
  8. Promotion Video about GEOSET. Steve Acquah produced this promo for FSU students and staff.

The gateway site is at This is a searchable database of clickable uploaded URLs which redirect to presentations streaming from nodes set up by participating institutions (including high schools) in the US, UK, Japan, Croatia, Spain and Brazil.

Other nodes: The FSU node is at and the Sheffield University (Kri) node is at The University of Sussex site is

Technical Information can be found at