K-12 Teachers and Students

GeckomanAs part of our long-term mission, the CHN has a keen interest in the development of the next generation of researchers and leaders in nanomanufacturing.  Our outreach helps K-12 teachers and students understand the science, the beauty and the excitement of our growing field.

K-12 teachers, for example, are able to participate in a six-week long research experiences for teacher (RET) program through Northeastern’s Center for Enhancement of Science and Mathematics Education (CESAME).  Much of their time is spend in research laboratories, and they also keep a journal for reflecting on their experiences and develop a research presentation to be shared with colleagues and affiliates at the end of the summer.

For kids, we created the Geckoman game.  The CHN also helped create lesson plans, and independent evaluations were carried out to demonstrate its effectiveness.   This information is available on-line.