Conferences & Professional Training

The CHN disseminates its expertise in nanomanufacturing by organizing conferences and workshops.  For nearly a decade, CHN hosted an annual workshop on surface cleaning.  During the first six months of 2013, the CHN hosted two workshops to discuss  Advanced Technologies for Nano-enabled Manufacturing.

The CHN also shares its expertise by speaking at conferences and other events. For example, senior staff, post-doctoral and graduate students, and others affiliated with the Center present papers, display research results in poster sessions, and demonstrate products or processes as a conference exhibitor.

The CHN offers professional and pre-professional training for individuals and for businesses.  The specialized research facilities at Northeastern are available for outside researchers to use, and Northeastern instructors can provide customized training for individuals or small groups.  The CHN also offers open-enrollment programs.  For information, please contact Eric Howard, CHN Corporate & Outreach Manager at 617-373-3294.

Please look at the news and events section of the website for a listing of past and upcoming conferences and workshops.