Goals & Mission


  • To educate students for a life of fulfillment and accomplishment.
  • To create and translate knowledge to meet global and societal needs.


  • To bridge the gap between nanoscale science research and the creation of commercial products.
  • To develop processes and tools that will enable high-rate/high-volume, bottom-up, nanoscale directed assembly of nanoelements and polymer nanostructures.
  • To pioneer essential education in nanomanufacturing and its associated  environmental, economic, and societal implications for industry, the workforce, universities, K-12 teachers, students and the public.
  • To overcome barriers to commercialization:
    • Barrier 1. How can companies assemble and connect different nano-scale elements?
    • Barrier 2. How can companies scale up assembly processes and make products in a continuous or high rate manner?
    • Barrier 3. How can we test for reliability in nanoelements and connections? How can we efficiently detect and remove defects?
    • Barrier 4. Do nanoproducts and processes require new economic, environmental, and ethical/regulatory assessment and new socially-accepted values?