Advisory Board

We seek to transfer technology and processes to the business community, and the direction of our long-term work program is guided by input from an Industrial Advisory Board (IAB). The IAB provides expertise and strategic guidance to advance the mission and goals of the center. The IAB helps identify industry requirements, public/consumer needs, and new applications based on CHN research. As lead ambassadors for the CHN, IAB members also have an essential role in promoting and cultivating meaningful relationships with industry, government, engineering professionals and other academic organizations for the benefit of all constituents, including faculty, researchers, corporate partners, and ultimately society as a whole. Members participate in board meetings, social and educational programs, and resource development initiatives.

Industrial Advisory Board – Spring 2013

  • Peter Antoinette, Nanocomp Technologies Inc. (IAB Co-Chair)
  • Alan Rae, NanoMaterials Innovation Center (IAB C0-Chair)
  • James Lamb, Brewer Science
  • Adra Baca, Corning
  • David Carter, Draper Laboratory
  • Rakesh Singh, Entegris
  • Supratik Guha, IBM — T.J. Watson Research Center
  • Joseph Downing, Innovation Institute at Mass Tech Collaborative
  • George Thompson, Intel Corporation, Technology Strategy
  • Brent Segal, Lockheed Martin Advanced Technology Center
  • Thomai “Mimi” Panagiotou, Microfluidics
  • Tom Tiano, Materials Systems Inc.
  • Jason Targoff, Novatio Engineering
  • Randy Tustison, Raytheon
  • Roger Grace, Roger Grace Associates
  • George Raniuk, StorBurst Technologies
  • David Arthur, SWeNT
  • Anant K. Singh, Triton Systems
  • Dana Granville, US Army Research Lab (retired)